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Slavery in Libya: The Direct Result of EU and US Failed Foreign Policy

By Meron Semedar  The auctioning of slaves we witnessed with CNN ’s recent investigation is just the tip of a huge iceberg of human rights violations in Libya. The trade of human lives been happening for years now, not just in Libya, but also in the lawless land of Sinai, Egypt . Humans have been sold from one trafficker to another for a price tag ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands, and many have been priced at tens of thou sands for their release. For those who could not pay the price, their organs were taken to be sold to wealthy countries in the Middle East. This shameful act has been going on since 2009; many have died in the hands of smugglers. In Libya, the crisis has been exacerbated since the fall of long-time dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.  Getty Images: Libyan militia treatment of African migrants African leaders are heavily responsible for creating this outpouring of refugees and mass migration, and I believe it is the failure of Western forei