Emperor Haile Selassie Was a Cold-Blooded Murderer: He Does Not Deserve a Statue!

On Sunday, February the 10th, African leaders unveiled the statue of the late Emperor Haile Selassie ahead of the annual African Union summit in Addis Ababa. Although Haile Selassie was involved in helping establish the African Union in 1963, he was actively involved in the cold-blooded murder of many civilians in Eritrea between 1961 to 1974. Thus the statue should be removed in respect of the African people.
To those who argue Haile Selassie was a Pan-Africanist. He was a murderer who forced many African indigenous, especially Eritreans to flee their homeland and ultimately scattered around the world to avoid his brutal dictatorship. Haile Selassie chanted “We need Eritrea’s land, not its people” as he sent his soldiers to burn villages and murder children, women and men. In 1962, Haile Selassie violation United Nation resolution in which he annexed Eritrea with Ethiopia that has led to 30 years of bloody war. 
In 1967 in just five months period, Haile Selassie soldiers burned and…

African Dictators: The Cheetah Generation is Coming After You

It was on a cold, snowy winter that I went to visit my longtime mentor distinguished Ghanaian political economist professor George Ayittey at his Washington Office. His office, which he runs the Free Africa Foundation is a few blocks away from the White House and the Congress building. On his wall he kept many photos over the years that he had taken with high profile politicians, musicians, African made crafts and awards he received.

In 2008, Prof. Ayittey was nominated as top 100 public intellectuals by Foreign Policy. He was an advisor to the Secretary of State on African policy during the Obama administration. He went on to shape African politics, economics, and investment, by appearing on many international channels and wrote some of the most influential books on Africa. To mention a few are Defeating Dictators and Africa Unchained
For a long time, our communication was via telephone. On one of my trip to Washington DC, I made it my mission to go and meet him, which he was so humb…

Refugees in Libya, in a Crossfire

Since the fall of the former dictator -Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has turned into a place of war between different military forces. In the process, many refugees were caught in a crossfire and many were held in inhumane conditions. In December 2017, CNN brought light to the Slave trade of refugees that has been going on in the country. Libya has been the gateway for many North and West African refugees to cross the perilous Mediterranean Sea to Europe in unsafe boats since the early 2000s.      Libyan armed forces in an active war. Source - Getty image
Having been kept in overcrowded facilities for several years: refugees in Libya faced beating, abuse, and unhygienic situation. Military personnel has the ultimate power over the refugees and abusive treatment have become a common practice. In recent months the situation got even worse, some of the refugees were taken from the facilities they were in and no one knows their whereabouts.                     Refugees in one of Tripoli…

African Asylum Applicants: a Case for International Outcry, Condemnation of Israel and Shaming of the Cooperating Countries

By Meron Semedar

Just over a month ago,  the world witnessed the auctioning of African slavery in Libya for as much as $400.00. African Migrants continue to suffer the worst form of treatment even outside their continent. Israel is finalizing deals with Rwanda and Uganda to deport some estimated 40,000 refugees. The refugees were mostly from Eritrea -who escaped indefinite national service and South Sudan - who escaped civil war. This violates the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees. Israel is violating its international obligation to protecting the rights of the most helpless member of the human society.
Over the past several years, Israel has applied all forms of degrading treatment in handling the fate of the refugees. From keeping them in open mandatory prison reporting three times daily to denying extending their work permits, to issuing a warning to employers, to involuntarily taking away 20% of their income from their paycheck that…

Slavery in Libya: The Direct Result of EU and US Failed Foreign Policy

By Meron Semedar 
The auctioning of slaves we witnessed with CNN’s recent investigation is just the tip of a huge iceberg of human rights violations in Libya. The trade of human lives been happening for years now, not just in Libya, but also in the lawless land of Sinai, Egypt. Humans have been sold from one trafficker to another for a price tag ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands, and many have been priced at tens of thousands for their release. For those who could not pay the price, their organs were taken to be sold to wealthy countries in the Middle East. This shameful act has been going on since 2009; many have died in the hands of smugglers. In Libya, the crisis has been exacerbated since the fall of long-time dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. 

African leaders are heavily responsible for creating this outpouring of refugees and mass migration, and I believe it is the failure of Western foreign policy intervention that has led to this rampant inhumane treatment of people …